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Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase  (2001)
Genre: Action Players: Single-player
Scooby: Scott Innes Shaggy: Scott Innes
Fred: Frank Welker Daphne: Grey Delisle
Velma: BJ Ward
PlatformRelease Date
Nintendo Game Boy AdvanceOctober 1, 2001 (North America)
December 7, 2001 (Europe)
Sony PlayStationOctober 4, 2001 (North America)
December 7, 2001 (Europe)
Help those meddling kids solve a cyber mystery. Someone has beamed the Scooby gang into cyberspace with the Phantom Virus. Now, the gang must fend off a variety of villains, gather clues and find the box of Scooby snacks located on each level. Once they gather enough clues and Scooby snacks, maybe they can unmask the Phantom Virus. Can you help the Scooby gang solve the mystery?
  • 10 levels including The Old Mine, The Prehistoric level, Video Arcade, Roman Coliseum, and a creepy Ocean Boardwalk.
  • Collect Scooby Snacks for extra turns.
  • Features all the Mystery Team characters.
  • Hunt for clues, set traps, use disguises, and throw cream pies at the monsters.
  • Password system to save your progress.
  • This title is compatible with analog controllers.
Art Co., Ltd (PS)
Software Creations (GBA)
Anna Bunyik (Producer)
Jonas Robledo (Associate Producer)
Carolina Beroza (Executive Producer)

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Heidi Behrendt (Producer)
Brett Skogen (Executive Producer)

Stephen Geering
"Scooby Doo! Where Are You?":
David Mook (Performer)
Ben Raleigh (Performer)
Tsutomu Fuzawa
Recorded at Soundelux
Toshihiro Hirosawa (Map Lead Artist-Areas 1-2-4-7)
Kojiro Kawase (Map Artist-Areas 1-3-4-5-7)
Tomoyuki Watanabe (Map Artist-Areas 1-5-7)
Shinji Nishiyama (3D Model Lead Artist-Areas 3-4-5-7/Bosses)
Kiyoi Shimura (3D Model Artist-Areas 1-2-3-5-6-7)
Kiyoi Shimura (Effects Artist)
KAIZOKU (2D Artist)
Katsutoshi Fujioka (Special Artist)

Mitsunori Takemoto (Lead Programmer-Areas 1-2-4-6)
Tsuyoshi Yagi (Area 5)
Yoshitomo Fujiwara (All Boss Levels)
Kouji Iida (Areas 3-7)
Koichi Sakagami (Effects Programmer-Cellular-King)
Hahosan (Message Programmer)
George Erwin (Lead QA Tester)
Tom Reyes (T-BONE) (Lead QA Tester)
Jason Flowers (QA Tester)
Amey Tippett (QA Tester)
F. Scott Frazier (QA Tester)
Dominik Alber (QA Tester)
Alex Kogan (QA Tester)
Allan Rennagel (QA Tester)
Ashton Flinders (QA Tester)
Mike Plunkett (QA Tester)
Duane Musiol (QA Tester)
Scott Nessel (QA Tester)
Chad Makings (QA Tester)
Jesse Woodward (QA Tester)
Bradley Zybert (QA Tester)
Collette Sunderman (Voice Over Director)

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Gary Anthony Sturgis (Voices)