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The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo
The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo
September 7, 1985 ~ December 7, 1985
Creator(s): Joe Ruby, Ken Spears Genre: Animated
Run Time: 30 minutes Network: ABC
Scooby: Don Messick
Shaggy: Casey Kasem
Daphne: Heather North
Scrappy: Don Messick
Season: 1
To All The Ghouls I've Loved Before September 7, 1985
This is the first episode of the series and we are introduced to all the main characters and how Scooby ends up opening up the Chest of Demons. The ghosts who trick them into opening it up are named Weerd and Bogel and they appear in all episodes causing havoc for the ghostbusting crew.

Scoobra Kadoobra September 14, 1985
A Demon, Maldor the Malevolent - a master of black magic from the dark ages seeks the Wonder Wand of Sacrass, with the wands mystic energy he would become all-powerful and rule the world. Go figure.

Me And My Shadow Demon September 21, 1985
The Chest of Demons is stolen by a Shadow Demon, so the gang is off to Befuddle Manor to get it back. But reception problems with Mr. Van Ghoul's crystal ball leave him unable to warn them that Befuddle Manor is a maze which is nearly impossible to escape. To make matters worse, there's an evil monstress in Befuddle Manor who presumes the gang still has the Chest of Demons and she'll stop at nothing to acquire it.

Reflections in a Ghoulish Eye September 28, 1985
Boguel and Weird send the gang an phony telegram signing vincent's name and plant a mirror that's a door to a another world when the gang enters their room their will be pulled into that world unfortunely the plan backfires and pulls the maid into the ghostly world and the gang is accused of her disapearance.

That's Monstertainment October 5, 1985
This is the episode that *stars* Zomba, not Horror-scope Scoob. While watching "The son of The Ghost of The Bride of Frankenstien" The gang are trapped in the show by one of the Demon escapees, Zomba (who has a cool teleporting power), so that she can find and destroy the Chest of Demons without interference. Unfortunately for Zomba, the gang take the chest into the film with them, so it's not much help...

Ship of Ghouls October 12, 1985
Paranoid and stressed from a life of ghost hunting, Scooby decides to book a vacation on an ocean liner. The problem is, that the ship is headed for the Bermuda Triangle. Oh yeah, and all the other passengers are also ghosts.

A Spooky Little Ghoul Like You October 19, 1985
The gang visits Mardi Gras where Vincent falls under the spell of Nekera, who is quite attractive for a ghoul.

When You Witch Upon a Star October 26, 1985
Marcella- a female ghost- has given 3 witches the BLACK BOOK OF SPELLS to release her from her realm. It's up to Scooby and the Gang to steal the book before Spell #13 is cast!!!

It's a Wonderful Scoob November 2, 1985
After a confrontation with Time Slime which results in Scooby reliving memories of ghosts from the past, Scoob decides that he's done with the ghost-chasing business. The gang decides to replace him, so they hold auditions and Flim-Flam decides on casting the lovable, lazy puppy Bernie Gumshire. But hapless Bernie is no help when Time Slime captures the gang. It's up to Vincent Van Ghoul to pay Scooby a visit and show him what the future will be like if Time Slime defeats his friends in this send-up of It's a Wonderful Life.

Scooby in Kwackyland November 9, 1985
Evil demon Demondo has plans to release monsters from comic strips all over the world with the help of his magic ink pen. But before he begins his global domination, he wants to destroy Scooby and the gang. So Demondo sends Bogel and Weerd to deliver a special edition newspaper and the gang becomes imprisoned in the funny papers. The magic pen (which is literally the key to escaping) gets lost under a rock in the Missing Link strip, so the gang enlists the aide of Platypus Duck, the Wacky Wizard, and thier other new funny paper friends to help them track the pen down.

Coast to Ghost November 16, 1985
Weerd and Bogel are upset that they did not make it into S.A.P.S. (Spook and Poltergeist Society) so they steal some important magic material which is important to Vincent. Thus the S.A.P.S. and the Scooby-Doo crew are in a race to get this material back.

The Ghouliest Show on Earth November 23, 1985
Scooby returns to his hometown only to find it overtaken by an demonic circus.

Horror-Scope Scoob December 7, 1985
Zomba was NOT in this episode! The premise of this episode was that Boris Kreepof invited the gang on the show so he could open the chest on that night - gaining untold power by doing so. Unknown to everyone, there was a demon who also had plans to open the chest on this special night...

Tallulah: "You thought I was a mere Medium - but in reality, I am... Simbulu, the Lion Demon."
Scrappy-Doo: "You're a lying demon, alright!"