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A Pup Named Scooby-Doo
A Pup Named Scooby-Doo
September 10, 1988 ~ August 17, 1991
Creator(s): Joe Ruby, Ken Spears Genre: Animated
Run Time: 30 minutes Network: ABC
Scooby: Don Messick
Shaggy: Casey Kasem
Freddie: Carl Stevens
Daphne: Kellie Martin
Velma: Christina Lange
Season: 1
A Bicycle Built for Boo! September 10, 1988
While putting up Shaggy's papers for his morning route, Scooby runs into a green monster that steals Shaggy's bike. The gang traces it to a haunted house where they find a room full of counterfeit money.

The Sludge Monster from the Earth's Core September 17, 1988
The Coolsville bank is robbed. The janitor says that he saw a monster in the vault but nobody believes him and he is accused of the robbery. He's proven right when Scooby finds the monster inside his doghouse.

Wanted: Cheddar Alive September 24, 1988
At the Scooby Snack factory, where Scooby's food is being made a strange accident occurs at the cheese lab. The workers are all chased away by a strange cheese creature demanding that Scooby Snacks stop being made.

The Schnook Who Took My Comic Book October 1, 1988
Scooby and Shaggy are at the Coolsville comic book convention where they learn their old friend has been saving the #1 comic book of Commander Cool for them. They find themselves in trouble when one Commander Cool's enemies comes to steal the comic book.

For Letter or Worse October 8, 1988
The gang go to the TV studio to appear on their favorite game show, but everything changes when the ghost of a long dead gangster appears.

The Babysitter From Beyond October 15, 1988
Scooby and Shaggy go to see a scary film while dropping off Shaggy's baby sister at the sitters, but they are horrified when they find the sitter is hideous. What's worse is that the monster movie character has come to life and an escaped convict is on the loose.

Snow Place Like Home October 22, 1988
The gang heads down to a snowy mountain for the weekend. Their fun is turned into a disaster when a monstrous creature shows up to turn them into ice.

Now Museum, Now You Don't October 29, 1988
Fred, Daphne, and Velma help Shaggy and Scooby clear their names when they're framed for stealing a bunch of Japanese swords with a curse that attracts a Samurai Warlord Ghost and encounter the ghost at the same time.

Scooby Dude November 5, 1988
The gang heads down to the beach where Velma's aunt works to help solve the mystery of her dolphins' disappearance. They also learn of a mysterious stranger prowling around the beach.

Ghost Who's Coming to Dinner? November 12, 1988
It's Halloween and the gang gets set out for trick or treating. At their friends' the Johnson's house, they learn that there is a real ghost living there. The ghost is a sweet one or so they think. The ghost of a long dead pirate comes demanding the Johnsons move away. The real ghost asks the gang to help save his house.

The Story Stick November 19, 1988
The gang is camping out in the woods where they learn about the totem monster. Things take a serious turn when the legend comes to life and the totem monster wants them off his land.

Robopup November 26, 1988
The gang goes to spend a wonderful weekend at Daphne's house. They befriend her security guard who's helping Daphne try to find the thief that's in her house. Shaggy and Scooby soon discover that the thief is a dead chef that was fired years ago.

Lights...Camera...Monster December 3, 1988
Freddy is doing a new film edition to the Stinkweed series. He runs into the actor who plays Stinkweed who claims that he's being framed for some strange incidents.

Season: 2
Curse of the Collar September 9, 1989
The gang goes along with Scooby to his parents' house. Scooby's parents give him their heirloom, a special collar. Everything seems okay until the ghost of a long dead dogcatcher who was arrested when he tried to steal that collar off of a young Scooby comes to continue what he started years ago.

The Return of Commander Cool September 16, 1989
Shaggy bumps his head and develops amnesia. He thinks that he's Commander Cool and Scooby is his trusted sidekick Mallow Mutt.

The Spirit of Rock'n Roll September 23, 1989
Daphne is excited about going to hear her favorite rock singer Buddy. That is until the ghost of a long dead rock singer comes and kidnaps Buddy.

Chickenstein Lives! September 30, 1989
Freddy and the gang are visiting the company that prints a magazine that Freddy enjoys reading. Suddenly it takes a serious turn when one of the magazines so called fictional characters comes to life.

Night of the Living Burger October 7, 1989
Scooby and Shaggy get into a fight and give each other the silent treatment. Things take a serious turn when a burger-like creature comes to haunt them.

The Computer Walks Among Us October 14, 1989
Velma wins first prize at her elementary school science fair with a computerized robot that Velma has programmed to do exactly what it's told. When mysterious locker robberies occur, Velma is the prime suspect. Things get even worse when her robot goes on a deadly rampage.

Dog Gone Scooby October 21, 1989
The gang accidentally gives Scooby the cold shoulder. Feeling they no longer need him, Scooby runs away. Realizing how cruel they were, the gang goes on a city-wide search for Scooby.

Terror, Thy Name is Zombo October 28, 1989
The Gang goes to the Coolsville amusement park Shaggy and Scooby are excited because they will be the first ones to ride Monster Mountain a giant roller coaster for earing the most ralfal tickets but the fun park is turning into a nightmare park because of a terrifying ghost but not just any ghost a clown ghost.

Season: 3
Night of the Boogey Biker September 8, 1990
Fed up with Freddy always blaming Red Herring for each mystery, the gang orders him to try to survive with out blaming Red Herring for each crime.

Dawn of the Spooky Shuttle Scare September 8, 1990
One of Velma's experiments is picked to be launched into space, but an Astronaut Ghost terrorizing the place thinks otherwise.

Horror of the Haunted Hairpiece October 6, 1990
Daphne's parents decide that its time for her to get a job. so they assign own at the coolsville mall to manage the video arcade but her job is really going bad when a strange hair monster terrorizes the gang.

Wrestle Maniacs November 3, 1990
The Gang attends the studio of CWF coolsville Wrestling Federation but CWF is turning into GWF Ghost Wrestlers Federation when the ghost of a long dead wrestler shows up to ruin their fun.

The Weredog of Doo Manor August 3, 1991
A curse of the Were-Doo (Scooby family faints) threatens Scooby's family home.

Catcher on the Sly August 10, 1991
A dog-catcher named Buster McMuttMawler tries many attempts to capture Scooby-Doo.

The Ghost of Mrs Shusham August 10, 1991
Shaggy and Scooby-Doo are haunted by The Ghost of Mrs. Shusham, the librarian who wants an extremely overdue library book back.

The Wrath of Waitro August 10, 1991
Commander Cool and Mellow Mutt try to stop an evil caterer from taking over the world through his outrageous dishes.

The Mayhem of the Moving Mollusk August 17, 1991
The Scooby-Doo Detective Agency helps out a Monster Catching agency in danger of going out of business when a giant snail is terrorizing everyone.