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The Scooby-Doo/Scrappy-Doo/Puppy Hour
The Scooby-Doo/Scrappy-Doo/Puppy Hour
September 25, 1982 ~ December 18, 1982
Creator(s): Joe Ruby, Ken Spears Genre: Animated
Run Time: three 7-minute shorts Network: ABC
Scooby: Don Messick
Shaggy: Casey Kasem
Scrappy: Don Messick
Season: 1
The Maltese Mackerel September 25, 1982
Shaggy and the dogs are assigned a tough job: deliver a Maltese Mackerel to a captain of a ship.

Dumb Waiter Caper September 25, 1982
Scooby and the gang try to clear Bugsy Burton's name on a diamond stealing case.

Yabba's Hustle Rustle September 25, 1982
Scrappy goes out West to help out Yabba-Doo and his human deputy.

The Catfish Burglar Caper October 2, 1982
Scooby and the gang help out a Yacht Club from the latest robberies.

Movie Monster Menace October 2, 1982
A monster movie director really lives up to his profession when he turns actors into real monsters.

Mine Your Own Business October 2, 1982
Yabba Doo and two brothers fight over a gold mine.

Super Teen Shaggy October 9, 1982
Shaggy thinks that he is a superhero.

Basketball Bumblers October 9, 1982
Scooby, Shaggy and Scrappy play basketball against a cheating team.

Tragic Magic October 9, 1982
A magic show provides a great diversion for two crook who intend on robbing the bank, and Yabba and Scrappy catch on.

Beauty Contest Caper October 16, 1982
Scooby and the gang are called to solve the mystery of the disappearing Beauty contest contestants.

Stake-Out and the Take-Out October 16, 1982
Uncle Fearless hires the gang to find his insurance company's gold.

Runaway Scrappy October 16, 1982
Scrappy runs away when he thinks that Yabba and Dusty don't care for him anymore.

Who's Scooby-Doo? October 23, 1982
Scooby and Shaggy switch bodies thanks to a machine at a Science Fair, but they can't switch back because someone steals the machine and they try to find it.

Double Trouble Date October 23, 1982
Shaggy is caught in a jam when he makes two dates for one night. He hires Scooby to go out with a near-sighted girl whiel he does out with the other date.

Slippery Dan, the Escape Man October 23, 1982
Yabba, Scrappy, and Dusty track down an infamous escape artist.

Cable Car Caper October 30, 1982
Two cable cars are stolen to commit a bank robbery and Scooby and the gang tries to get them back.

Muscle Trouble October 30, 1982
Against Shaggy's will, the gang is involved in a dangerous sailboat race with Muscles Malone.

Low-Down Showdown October 30, 1982
Another criminal has escaped and its up to Yabba and the gang to put him back behind bars.

Comic Book Caper November 6, 1982
Shaggy and the dogs stop a Slimy Creature from stealing a rare comic book.

Misfortune Teller November 6, 1982
As a fortune teller, Scooby gives a bully some bad advice.

Vild Vest Vampire November 6, 1982
A vampire named Count Zarko tries to turn the town into zombies, but not if Yabba and the gang can help it.

A Gem of a Case November 13, 1982
Another Malone, Fingers, steals jewels and the gang tries to get them back.

From Bad to Curse November 13, 1982
A queen of gypsies hires the gang to help her get back a magical amulet that was stolen from her.

Tumbleweed Derby November 13, 1982
Dusty and his horse Wildfire enter a derby where the races are fixed.

Disappearing Car Caper November 20, 1982
The gang tries to stop a car thief when he shrinks cars to steal them.

Scooby-Doo and Genie-Poo November 20, 1982
Scooby gets invited to Arabia by a genie, Jasmine, and her dog Genie-Poo.

Law and Disorder November 20, 1982
Deputy Dusty is framed for a crime by two crooks and it's up to Yabba and Scrappy to clear his name.

Close Encounter of the Worst Kind November 27, 1982
Scooby and the gang are part of a scavenger hunt put together by an alien.

Captain Canine Caper November 27, 1982
Scooby and the gang try to protect movie star Captain Canine from a dogcatcher.

Alien Shmalien November 27, 1982
A alien that trashed in Tumbleweed is instantly kidnapped and placed as a circus act. It's up to Yabba and the gang to get him back to where he belongs.

The Incredible Cat Lady Caper December 4, 1982
The gang tries to stop a lady Cat Burglar.

Picnic Poopers December 4, 1982
A picnic is ruined thanks to a bully and his dog. Scooby and the gang tries to regain their tranquility and their appetites.

Go East, Young Pardner December 4, 1982
Yabba, Dusty, and Scrappy travel to New York for police training.

One Million Years Before Lunch December 11, 1982
A plane that Scooby and the gang flies suddenly enters a time warp and they end up in the prehistoric ages.

Where's the Werewolf? December 11, 1982
Scooby drinks a potion that turns him into a werewolf.

Up a Crazy River December 11, 1982
Yabba, Disty and Scrappy protects their town from pirates.

Hoedown Showdown December 18, 1982
While visiting hillbilly relatives, Scooby and the gang are caught up in a fued between their family and the McGlurks.

Snow Job Too Small December 18, 1982
The gang encounters an Abominable Snowman.

Bride and Gloom December 18, 1982
Yabba and the gang tries to find a bride for Horrible Homer before he destroys the town.