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Scooby Doo! Case File #1: Glowing Bug Man  (2002)
Genre: Adventure Players: Single-player
Scooby: Scott Innes Shaggy: Scott Innes
Fred: Frank Welker Daphne: Grey DeLisle
Velma: Mindy Cohn
PlatformRelease Date
PCOctober 1, 2002 (North America)
A mysterious glowing bug man--zoinks!--has been spotted at the Museum of Natural History. Join Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, and Fred as they hunt for clues and solve a mystery. Zero in on suspects in six different areas of the museum, all in puzzling disarray. Along the way help the Mystery, Inc., gang fix the exhibits. Collect enough clues and use the museum's personnel files to get to the bottom of this buggy mystery.

In the case of The Glowing Bug Man, kids join Scooby and the gang in collecting clues and solving puzzles that will crack this pesky case. The game's eight sleuthing activities and three difficulty levels move the mystery from spooky to spookier to spooktacular. Kids build critical-thinking, problem-solving, deductive reasoning, and logic skills, while the software provides help whenever a child needs it. Plus, printable and music activities let kids extend the fun beyond the computer for an extra Scooby snack.
  • Explore six different themed activity areas, plus two mini-activities, all packed with puzzles, surprises, and laughs!
  • Work your way through three levels of challenge: spooky, spookier, and spooktacular!
  • Keep the fun and learning alive even after the computer’s turned off with great printable activities.
  • Build essential skills like critical thinking, problem solving, deductive reasoning, and logic.
The Learning Company, Inc.
The Learning Company
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Heidi Behrendt (Producer)

Image Builder
Mike Marsden (Producer)
Sally Marlino (Executive Producer)

Mongadillo Studios
Ed Anderson (Executive Producer)

Edward Heidenreich (Music Composition)
Edward Heidenreich (Sound Design)
Brian Burge (Sound Effects and Music Editor)
The Learning Company
Nicholas Stern(Art Director)
Krista Hubbard (Artist)
Kyle Hand (Artist)
Gerald Broas (Artist)
Arlene Horwitz Design(Package Design Agency)
Peter Tumminello (Package Illustrator)

Image Builder
Michael "Thor" Fritz (Artist)
Katherine Tootelian (Artist)
Thomas Webb (Artist)

Mongadillo Studios
Aaron Pendland (Ink and Paint)
Peter Nguyen (Ink and Paint)
Shannon Tagliareni (Ink and Paint)
Ed Anderson
Sam Niemann
Brian Larson
Michelle Woods (Contributing Designer)
Gina Morimoto (Education Designer)

The Learning Company
Kenny Shea Dinkin (Creative Director)
Scott Peeler (User's Guide Writer)
Andrew Pate (QA Lead)
Dan Mizuba (QA Manager)
Dan Matanski (QA Tester)
Melinda Barret (QA Tester)
Mike Jagla (QA Tester)
Amy Zhao (QA Tester)
Lisa Wilson (Assoc. Package Design Manager)

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Shannon Keegan (Creative Director)
Steve Frost (Engineer)
Karen Funk (Engineer)
Terry Murphy (Engineer)
Holly Isaak (QA)

Mongadillo Studios
Ed Anderson (Assembly/Editing)
Brian Larson (Assembly/Editing)

Voice Talent
Roger Labon Jackson (Nigel Nightwatch/Ralph Rosen/Billy Seasons-voice)
John Pirruccello (Dave Hammer-voice)
Victoria Adams (Dr Celia Crownworthy-voice)
Zoe Galvez (Sandi Chin PhD-voice)
Collette Sunderman (Dialogue Director)
Voices recorded at Salami Studios/Blackwell Studios/The Learning Company