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Recommended Age: 3-7 yrs.
Curriculum: Creativity
Publisher: Fisher-Price
Works With: iXL Learning System
Media: Cartridge
Zoinks! Bring the excitement of SCOOBY-DOO to life with the iXL Learning System! This software adds a fresh new interactive story for the Digital Reader, plus three exciting arcade-style games, themed templates for writing, special backgrounds and stampers for drawing, and more! Digital Reader: Experience the adventures of SCOOBY-DOO right along with SHAGGY and the gang! Hear the story read aloud and interact with the animated characters to move the action along. Game Player: Enjoy three arcade-style learning games, acquiring new skills while having fun! Zombie Chase Mystery: Help the gang find their way out of the House of Mirrors - and away from the spooky zombie! Bumper Car Math Bash: Talk about a crash course! Help SHAGGY and SCOOBY chase down the bumper car with the correct answer and win a trophy! Haunted Word Hunt: Solve word challenges to get SHAGGY and SCOOBY out of the Haunted House. Oh…and like, watch out for ghosts and glowing skeletons! Notepad: Practice writing letters, numbers, and words - even use themed templates to write words from the story! Art Studio: Need a break from all of the action? Try drawing on SCOOBY-DOO themed backgrounds and using stampers-with fun music for inspiration! MP3 Player: It’s easy to add your own music files (MP3 or WMA) and create a personal playlist - complete with a themed “skin!”. Photo Viewer: Turn your Learning System into a kid-friendly digital picture frame with screen transitions themed to the story. Upload your own photos and add fun special effects.