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Scott Innes

I would like to thank Scott Innes for all of the information he has given me. It was very exciting to see his email with the interview answers. I appreciate him taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer my questions.

Scott Innes
Since 1997, Scott Innes has voiced Scooby-Doo in several direct-to-video movies. In 2001, he took over the voices of Shaggy and Scrappy-Doo. Scott still does their voices for products and video games to this day. He is also an on-air radio personality for WYNK in Baton Rouge, LA.

Scott Innes Voice of scooby doo, shaggy & scrappy doo LAUNCHES New characters aimed at Pre-K kids!
In 1996, Scott created "Hollywood Hal And Rhinestone Al with the wannabees." The show is geared towards Pre-Kindergarten children and it teaches manners, love, sharing, staying drug free, etc. You can find more information on the characters at www.halandal.com

Customized Voice Messages
If any Die hard scooby doo fans want a customized voice message emailed to them via mp3 from Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, & Scrappy Doo, Scott Innes is doing them for $100, with all the proceeds going to St. Jude Children's Hospital. These messages are great for birthdays, phone messages, generic stuff...etc...Contact Scott if you are interested, and he will email you all the details!

Scott has done a lot of amazing things in things in his life, for his community, and for charity. To find out more about Scott Innes visit his website ScottInnes.com

ScoobyAddicts.com: Why did you become a voice actor?

Scott Innes: I've loved doing voice all my life ever since I was in grade school, so I guess it just came natural.

ScoobyAddicts.com: What made you decide to read for the voices of Shaggy and Scooby?

Scott Innes: I had done a scooby doo & shaggy parody song on my radio show and someone called and said you should call hanna-barbera and play it for them..so I did and it turns out they were casting for a scooby for "scooby doo on zombie island" my dear friend and voice of Scooby doo Don Messick was ill and no longer doing the voice, so when they heard my scooby doo voice they asked me to read for the part! AND I GOT IT!! I'M STILL IN SHOCK!

ScoobyAddicts.com: Did you do the voices for any other Scooby-Doo characters? If so, what characters?

Scott Innes: I've done shaggy, scooby doo & scrappy doo for the past 10 years, since 1997. I voiced 4 movies. Zombie Island, Witch's Ghost, Alien Invaders, and Cyber Chase. I voiced scrappy doo in the real live scooby doo movie in 2002. I've also voiced a lot of characters over the years... I've done astro, shagg-along, snagglepuss, fred flintstone & barney rubble, mark from battle of the planets, robbin, pat pending from wacky races, muttly, quick draw mcgraw, wally gator and many others...

ScoobyAddicts.com: Did you do anything special to get into the character of Scooby?

Scott Innes: Not really - all the phone conversations with my dear friend Don Messick over the years and watching the show it just came natural.

ScoobyAddicts.com: What are some challenges about being a voice actor?

Scott Innes: The re-takes!~ Like when your voicing a video game it's alot of work. Sometimes I may read one line 5 times before the director gets the take she wants! and there's 900 lines to read!!! It's alot of hard work on your voice! but I love scooby doo so it's worth every minute!

ScoobyAddicts.com: What are some rewards about being a voice actor?

Scott Innes: The fact that you get to bring to life a character! And make kids laugh!! And do these type of interviews.

ScoobyAddicts.com: How do your kids feel about you being the voice of Scooby and Shaggy? Do they ever ask you to do the voices?

Scott Innes: All the time, my 7 year old pimps me out all the time for all his friends at school!! It really is cool to have your child want to bring you to school for show & tell! I had a parent the other day say to me you're scooby doo! I drive a cab...how do I top that?

ScoobyAddicts.com: Was there any tension between you and Casey Kasem from the times you voiced Shaggy?

Scott Innes: NOT AT ALL...YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND I'm a huge Casey Kasem fan!!!! I've ran american top 40 the countdown he hosted on radio for years! We've had many conversations over the years via phone. He's told me he loves my shaggy...and that means the world to me! Because I LOVE CASEY KASEM's shaggy!

In fact, I'm still voicing all things scooby doo, shaggy & scrappy doo still to this date like commercials, video games, talking toys..that's all me.

I guess there's enough scooby to go around...in fact I was just in voicing a new Valentine's day card for hallmark & a video game for V-tech yesterday.

ScoobyAddicts.com: You are currently a radio DJ at WYNK in Baton Rouge, LA. How long have you been there? What made you become a radio DJ?

Scott Innes: Like Casey Kasem I've been in radio most of my life, since I was 12 years old and on October 1st I'll be 42. My very first radio interview was with DON MESSICK how cool was that! and Daws Buttler..I've been at WYNK since 1997 the year I became scooby! I love radio because you can really reach out and touch someone's life with a song or just saying something nice...IN FACT I JUST FOUND OUT MOMENTS AGO I'VE BEEN NOMINATED FOR THE (ACM) Academy of Country Music Award for air personality of the year! so I'm very excited about that!!!

ScoobyAddicts.com: I see from your website that you do a lot of work in your community. Is there anything that you haven't done yet within your community that you wish to accomplish?

Scott Innes: Boy that's tough question...I've been there and done that! I'd really like to donate some time in New Orleans to helping to rebuild some homes for people who lost theres in Katrina. In fact my wife and I moved a family of 8 into ours for over a month after Katrina.

ScoobyAddicts.com: Are you currently working on any new projects? Is Scooby in your future?

Scott Innes: I'm always working on scooby doo. I just wrote a scooby song for boomerang (my favorite channel) and I'm working with my best friends Jim Hogg & Scott Neely who's a Warner Bros. Disney artist who has helped us develop 2 new characters for pre-k kids that teach children in song about love, manners, sharing etc... Our tv show is already in over 2 million homes and growing. We have a new dvd out and cd.. and scooby fans can check us out at www.halandal.com.